Liquid Lift

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Treats the drop in the middle part of the face with injectable hyaluronic acid (lower periocular area, cheekbones, jaw, nasobuccal, folds and nose)

Hyaluronic acid implants are not only used in nasobuccal folds but also in the middle of the face with great success. They correct imperfections caused naturally by the loosening of soft tissue and reduction of bone mass in the areas around and below the eyes. They also improve congenital facial asymmetries and tissue loss from injury or accident.

The natural wear of the face and ageing cause reduction in the projection of the cheekbones and bone support. Bone loss regards the eye and the upper jaw and leads to the lower jaw receding inwards. The changes in soft tissue over time are mainly lower eyelid atrophy and increased loosening in muscles and ligaments, lead to drop of the fatty tissue below the eye.

This causes the characteristic emaciation below the eyes which produces a V-shaped depression in the middle of the face, while the fat which used to be there drops lower. All the above lead to reduced projection of the cheekbone which falls inwards, while the drop of the middle third of the face makes the nasobuccal folds deeper.

Resolving these problems may be difficult, as we have a complex anatomy consisting of surface and deep muscles, parts with fat deposits, blood vessels and nerves like the artery at the side of the nose.

In order to start the restoration, we must fill the cheekbones using a tap which enters through a small hole. The entrance of the tap can be below and outside the eye and a high-density material can be inserted in order to fill the inner cheekbones.

Adequate application of the suitable material in this area will lead to lifting of the middle part of the face, but also the nasobuccal fold. So, depending on each individual face, less material will be needed in the nasobuccal folds, thus providing a natural restoration of the youthfulness and triangularity of the face. It is not right to fill without thinking only the lower part of the face because in this way it appears heavy and deformed.

Additional, but lower-density, material can fill the rim of the lower eyelid in order to appear more youthful and also to correct the dark circles below the eyes.

For those interested, simultaneously with the treatment for loosening in the middle facial part, nose restructuring can take place. Liquid rhinoplasty is done in order to provide symmetry, soften nasal features and is indicated for selected cases.

Injectable hyaluronic acid in injected through a needle or tap into the nose tip and forms the whole nasal dorsum. In the same way, the nose flaps and the bridge of the nose can be improved, so that the upper lip also appears better.

The applications take place in the doctor’s office, no anesthesia is required, just local application of an anesthetic cream. The application of hyaluronic acid in the face through a tap is less invasive, as it only requires a prick to cover a large area and thus creates no pain and bruising.