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Every operation – treatment carried out by the medical team of Athens Face Anatomy is entirely personalized. Thanks to advanced techniques for clinical diagnosis we have incorporated in our services and guided by a holistic approach which characterizes our philosophy, we personalize our treatments, so that the patient has the unique solution which completely matches his needs and his face architecture.

It is a medical field identified with global tendencies which provides precision medical services to the particular patient. This kind of approach has emerged in the direction of the future where reliable, timely diagnosis and individualized solution increases effectiveness and the response of the body to the treatment.

In this way is treated the looseness in the face contours.

The reduction of fat below the chin in combination with approximation of muscles in the neck lead to a better shape and therefore reconstruction in the chin-neck angles.

The design of the cheekbones and relocation of the drop of fat deposits in the face aims at restoring the heart shape of the face.

It is important that all the above are individualized and it is probable that one or more stages will be needed for the completion of the result.

The aim is always to complete the renewal and the gradual revitalization of the face in a natural way so that the interested person sees him/herself as they were 10-15 years earlier without disfigurement, without doing anything else, without altering their personality.

Individualized treatment is the most important development in health services and therefore in our services. Modern technology and the training of the staff of our office have contributed in the effective and safe solutions we provide in ENT problems and remedial surgery, or even their combination with excellent natural results. In many cases it is necessary to combine rhinoplasty with interventions in the chin or the eyelids.

For Dr. Argyro Kypraiou it is very important to individualize the result in rhinoplasty operations because, as she says “it is not enough that the new version is functionally perfect, but the result must also match the features and psychosynthesis of each patient”.

Through our advanced technological tools, we have the opportunity to approach the representation of the result thus helping our patient to feel more calm and secure, while he can take part in the final result.

The focus of Athens Face Anatomy on specific services we provide make us one of the only perfectly equipped and specialized centers in the whole of Greece. The patients, besides the natural result, experience a smooth post-operative development, without stress under our close monitoring and guidance.