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Very often it is necessary to propose an operation for a hypoplastic chin.

The chin is an important feature for the creation of facial harmony.

Many patients have not realized the relation between nose and chin.

It is estimated that in 25% of rhinoplasties, a simple chin surgery with graft is necessary.

The face plastic surgeon examines the profile and the relation of the chin with a vertical line drawn from the lower lip.

If the chin is relatively behind that line, it is a case of microgenia.

The graft materials commonly used are silicone or polyethylene.

They have a special anatomic shape that embraces the contour of the lower jawbone so they do not get displaced over time.

The operation is done with an internal, transoral incision or with an external incision below the chin.

Chin surgery is often combined with rhinoplasty or cosmetic surgery regarding face and neck contour.


The operation

We will start measurements and face proportions facing forwards and in profile. In men the chin is in a vertical line starting at the nose bridge, while in women 1-3 mm behind that line. Ideally, the chin must not protrude more than the lower lip in profile. The graft may be placed with an external incision below the chin or an incision through the mouth. The size of the graft placed is estimated during the operation. The operation results are permanent.