Dr. Argiro Kipreou

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ENT & Facial Surgeon
Diplomat of International Board for Certification for Plastic & Facial Reconstruction
Director of Functional and Reconstructive Nose Surgery | MITERA Hospital – HYGEIA Group

Dr. Argyro Kypraiou

The doctor Argyro Kypraiou was born in Piraeus.

She studied at the Medical School of the University of Athens.

She did her rural practice at the General Hospital of Sparta, Department of General Surgery.

Then she did her residency in General Surgery at Metaxa Hospital in 1996.

Residency ENT (Ear – nose – throat doctor) at the Naval Hospital of Athens from 1997 to 2002 where she specialized in the wider field of rhinosurgery and rhinoplasty, approx. 3.000 cases.

She had a clinical attachment at the Wythensaw-Withington Hospital, S. Manchester, U.K, ENT Department.

She had further training in Plastic Facial Surgery at UIC University, Chicago, USA with particular interest in reconstructive rhinoplasty.

Dr. Kypraiou is the first holder in Greece of the Diploma of the International Board for Certification for Plastic & Facial Reconstruction.

She has been a speaker in many conferences in Greece and abroad, mainly about new rhinoplasty techniques and developments in nasal septum surgery. She has presented scientific papers and publications about specialized subjects in rhinoplasty and the treatment of post-operative complications.

Regarding rhinoplasty, Dr. Kypraiou considers important that the nose is individualized, so that it matches the specific features of each patient, but also their personalities.

The relationship and communication between doctor and patient are very important, to that no dark areas or question marks. The requirements of each case must be discussed in detail as well as the corrections to be carried out. It is possible to predict the outcome with the help of a computer.

Modern septorhinoplasty is the main surgical target. The old techniques leave the nose without support, i.e. they remove large and crucial parts of the cartilaginous septum, but also large pieces of bones and cartilage, in order to make the nose smaller. The result is the image of an obviously operated nose, unnatural, with too thin and low nasal bridge, sharp tip, bad nostril design. A nose that attracts the eye negatively and does not, of course, enhance or flatter the face.

Dr. Kypraiou is specialized in primary and revision rhinoplasty.

She has treated about 7000 cases in the wider range of rhinosurgery:

Specialized nasal septum, nasal polyps operations and complex cases of corrective rhinoplasty where she applies all the new techniques that have been published internationally.

She carries out 150 – 300 rhinoplasties annually with a rate of 70% of corrective operations. Often it is necessary to combine rhinoplasty with chin or eyelid surgery.

Otoplasty in children and adults also required special art, so that the result is natural. New techniques, painless and even incisionless ones, are applied.

Dr. Kypraiou is also specialized in the restoration of the ear pinna after congenital defects or removal of small tumors and carcinomas both from the ear and from the whole face. It is crucial not only to remove the damage in healthy limits but also that the aesthetic reconstruction and function of the face is excellent.

The design of each operation and the choice of the suitable technique are done exclusively by Mrs. Kypraiou, as these operations are unique!

Certified surgeon by the International Board for Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

It is an international diploma which aims at creating high-level knowledge in the area of facial plastic surgery internationally.

Specific criteria have been selected for the surgeons according to the excellence standards established by the American Academy of Plastic Facial Surgery.

It must be noted that Mrs. Kypraiou is the first surgeon in Greece to achieve this important diploma, putting into effect her beliefs about continued high-level education and application of the best surgery techniques according to international protocols.

Surgeons are certified, not only through oral and written examinations in a wide field of craniofacial surgery, trauma in the face and skull, removal of carcinomas with reconstruction flaps, dermatology, oncology and all kinds of aesthetic intervention on the face, but also examination by a special professor committee of their CV, surgical techniques and the general development of the surgeons, so that they are capable to take part in the whole process.