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Post-traumatic rhinoplasty is used for problems caused by a nose injury causing lesions in the cartilage or bone skeleton of the nose with functional, but also aesthetic problems. Candidates for a post-traumatic rhinoplasty are persons who have hit their nose during sports or other activities, or at a traffic accident, by an object falling on their nose etc. Post-traumatic rhinoplasty can require the restoration of different parts of the nose and depends on the nature of the accident.

The surgeon who is specialized in face plastic surgery will examine the destructions to the cartilage, the skin, bones and nasal septum, before designing the surgery plan. So, in many cases a tilted or humped nose that was produced, will have to be aligned, and the septum if it is fractured, must be corrected so that the airway passage is opened. All this will be done simultaneously and in combination in the special center for functional remedial rhinoplasty in the hands of a specialized qualified face plastic surgeon.

The duration of a post-traumatic rhinoplasty operation is between one and three hours and depends on the injury. On the extent of the operation will also depend the type of anesthesia with local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia.

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